Welcome to Star Home Decor

Star Home Decor is the premier source for nature inspired home decor products. Our assortment includes a wide variety of product lines of home accessories, decorations and (seasonal) giftware, selected and imported from all over the world.

Our main customers are retail chains, department stores, DIY and garden centers, furniture and interior decoration stores in various countries.

Our strengths are not only our 35 years of experience in handling natural materials, but also:

  • a large collection of products specially developed for the retail market in various regions
  • being a reliable and inspiring partner in search or developing products for your collection/colors/trends
  • customizing your product according to your packaging and label-instructions
  • a worldwide logistic network

Trends, Brands and Concepts

The three main themes in our company philosophy are Trends, Brands and Concepts.

Trends are reflected in our two seasonal collections that are developed for Spring/Summer (including Valentine's day, Mother's day and Easter) and Autumn/Christmas.

We develop all products ourselves, therefore both collections are a source of inspiration for everyone in the business.

By Nature is our brand concept. This exclusive concept consists of a range of large, natural decoration objects. The beautiful By Nature items are suitable for both sales as for decoration purposes.

Since we develop all our products ourselves, one of our best qualities is developing customer specific concepts. These concepts are developed for and with customers and may range from display solutions to product concepts.